May 23, 2012

Curt Schilling’s comment on Brad McQuaid and Vanguard

From the Fires of Heaven forum, circa 2008:

Dismissing the obvious Pandora’s box I’m opening by posting here I was wondering something.

Does it truly make people feel good about themselves to observe other people’s misery and failure? Does it validate you to gloat over other peoples failings and the ruining of peoples lives/careers?

I barely know Brad, barely, but I sure as hell don’t feel the slightest bit of happiness knowing his life is in turmoil, his dream and his vision came crashing down and in the process hundreds of people’s careers were changed/ruined/screwed up in the process.

If anyone on this board could have legitimate reasons to root against Brad, Sigil, VG or any of it I’d imagine it would be someone like me running a competing company.

I feel the exact opposite of all those things. Listen, Brad has to take account for his part in all this, and I am hoping someday if he hasn’t already, he will.

But this is real life shit folks, a persons life is at stake, or was, due to what is thought to be a serious drug addiction, a company was pretty much run into the ground, and there is a large contingent of people here dancing on both of their graves. Over what? A 40 dollar purchase? A bad game? Again, you make your own bed, he bears the burden of everything he impacted, I get that, but I would question the integrity of a team member, after the fact, airing the dirty laundry he did on a forum like this, in the fashion it was done.

I can only speak for me, a personal opinion and observation, but I can’t fathom ANY possible scenario ever when I’d consider someone that did something like this to be a potential employee, no matter how talented or passionate they were.

You spend thousands of hours grinding in production of this massive ‘thing’, saying now that the entire time you knew it was all a train wreck, everyone and their mother was clueless and the company was a chaotic nightmare every second of the day but nowhere in that post did you claim to make your opinions of the goings on and your feelings known to anyone that mattered.

Had the bulk of the people in that company, if they truly felt and knew they were heading down a path of utter disaster, taken a stand, aired the dirty laundry, where would Brad and VG be right now?

I can only speak for myself but if 50% of my dev team stand up at an all hands and proclaim the current project un-salvageable I have to think things as we know it would come to a screeching halt. Hell if 5 people of the dev team say that then I am thinking there is something HORRIFICALLY wrong.

Understand this, anyone that has the slightest insight into who I am knows I am all about openness and honesty, and I am the last person on this planet to tell you anything or offer anyone advice in keeping their mouth shut, but at the end of the day what did that post accomplish?

Make someone who’s clearly at a breaking point in their lives feel worse?
Make a group of people who clearly had passion for gaming, got caught in a meat grinder and were ‘forced’ to churn out something that was far from reaching it’s potential feel worse?
Further validate an effort that has already lined up a million or say “I told you it sucked” gamers with more bravado?

I don’t think the post told us anything we all didn’t already know did it? We all know what VG was when it launched, as gamers anyway, that post, to me anyway, was the first episiode of FOH’s version of Jerry Springer.

And more:

Don’t for a second think I am talking or preaching from a pedestal. I am more than ok with admitting to making more than my share of stupid mistakes, and I’ll make more.
It happens, we’re human, I just have trouble with the entire ‘piling on’ thing and the mob mentality that follows threads like this.
What happened was an unmitigated disaster, we all know that, it’s just amazing that this all made so many people jump for joy.
I don’t gloat in other peoples’ misery, I have certainly spoken out of turn more than once, but I don’t revel in other peoples lives falling apart.

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