My Journey Into PC Game Trainers

A question I had recently was whether I could use cheats in games where there weren’t any existing cheat codes, or even any mods? What did you do in this case? Well, if you’re playing on a console you’re probably out of luck, but fortunately for PC players, there are other options available to you.

Game trainers, I learned, were a way of accessing cheats that a game developer hadn’t included in the game. A trainer is created by a programmer who, using some software tools, can examine the game memory and find out how to create a new game cheat by manipulating the game memory.

This was quite interesting to me, and opened up some new possibilities in my mind. There are many games where I have found certain game systems frustrating, or gotten stuck in a particular area where I simply wasn’t really enjoying the game anymore. Trainers could be a tool to get more enjoyment and fun out of the games I’m playing, so I wanted to look into this further. You can look forward to my next blog posts where I dive in deeper on this topic.

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