July 11, 2008

WAR Thoughts

Just a few quick thoughts in reaction to the Warhammer news today:

- Mythic reclaims its title and drops the “EA”….on a day when they announce class cuts and a reduction in capital cities. Is this more like EA trying to symbolically distance itself from the game? Not that this is the best comparison, but in the case of Vanguard, hindsight revealed a much different reason for Sigil and Microsoft to part ways than was originally stated.

- Warhammer Online will now have two capital cities. I shook my head at that one, because just two days ago, during the interview with Scott Hartsman, the one thing he said he most wished he could have changed in EQ2 was to get rid of the two capital cities of Freeport and Qeynos. Logistically, that was impossible, since both cities had too many roots branching into the rest of the game. Now, here’s Warhammer, about to ship with…..two capital cities.

- Warhammer cut four classes, bringing the number down to 20. 20?! People are unhappy that their pre-planned favorite classes are gone, but heck, they might want to consider lowering it by more. EQ2 has 24 classes and 24 man raid caps. Yes, it’s fun to have lots of choices on what to play, but it doesn’t translate well when raiding. (There are 6 tank classes, for example, and no one in their right mind will want a raid force with 1/4 tanks.) In comparison, World of Warcraft has 9.

- Reaction by those vocal in the Warhammer community has been mostly down, obviously, but whether people feel pessimistic, cautiously hopeful, or ready to do “Hulk Smash” on their computer keyboard, everyone seems to have the same thought in the end – “It’s too bad they had to cut, but at least the part of the game that will be released will be polished and of high quality….” In essence, the tone has now become, “Warhammer Online is going to be a great game…or else @#%^@^#!!”

God help the Mythic team. That bar just got forklifted higher, and it’s now cemented firmly in place.

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  1. This is true. Now there is DEFINITELY no excuse for lack of polish on the remaining cities and classes.

    Comment by br3ntbr0 — July 11, 2008 @ 4:49 pm

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  3. Hey Jaye. There are some things you need to know in order to understand the sheer gravity of these announcements. As a beta tester (who is, yes, breaking NDA), I believe I am qualified to inform you on these things.

    I assume you understand the purpose of WAR, that is, RvR. The ultimate goal of RvR is sacking your enemy realm’s cities. By removing 4 cities from the game, Mythic has removed effectively two-thirds of WAR’s meaningful content. People will crowd in the Empire vs. Chaos pairing simply because fighting in Dwarf vs. Greenskin and High Elf vs. Dark Elf pairings will not result in any climax. WAR is not a PvE game and is actually a game that thrived on its cities; the removal of a majority of its cities is a crippling blow.

    Each class is WAR is not as fleshed out and deep as an EQ[2]/WoW class. Whereas a WoW Warrior can effectively become one of three classes through Talents, each WAR class is stuck with a specific role. There are specialization systems, but they affect things very little. Additionally, each WAR class has a minimal amount of abilities. If each ability had lots of potential and if combat was actually deep, this could be a good thing, but neither of those apply. Thus, 1 of WoW’s classes completely outshines 6 of WAR’s classes. There’s also the matter of balance: the Chaos army, which has 4 classes, will have an advantage over the Empire army, which has 3 classes (likewise, High Elves will have an advantage over Dark Elves).

    I’ve been in beta for a while now and I’ve known for quite some time that WAR is a very awful game that shows absolutely no signs of improving. These announcements are simply nails in the coffin. It’s quite sad, actually, picturing the masses of people looking forward to WAR as an MMOG savior after they get to experience it first-hand. The die-hards will dilute themselves into liking it as the vocal members of the beta community have already done.

    Comment by milotar — July 13, 2008 @ 12:16 am

  4. I do feel for Mythic, they are digging themselves a hole they can never get to the bottom of by starting with so many classes. However these kind of cut backs are great for refining your game. Its just not in the vein of tradition MMOs to cut content however, maybe they will save these classes for future expansions!

    Comment by sean — July 21, 2008 @ 5:34 am

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