July 19, 2007

Plains of Anguish – A Closer Look

I wrote about Plains of Anguish in my “40′s Something Hunting” entry, but I’ve since learned about some of the little gems in this chunk. There are a lot of neat little side quests and events that are easy to overlook. Here’s an update to my experience there – with a few still unanswered questions that I hope to figure out soon.

Above: Andaraiel, Rancorr, Faunis and Sindya take on the Cartheon and Vaela.

Vaela Traxis and the Cartheon Conga Line

If you’ve ever been to Plains of Anguish, you’ve probably done the “Cartheon Invasion” quest, which is a repeatable quest to kill 50 Cartheon, which you can most easily find sauntering out of the Graveyard nearby Haven’s Edge. The Cartheon Pawns are summoned by Vaela Traxis, who is found in the middle vault of the Graveyard.

As you kill Cartheon, you’ll occasionally see the message “Vaela Traxis’ power is weakened…” and “Vaela Traxis is protected.” A group of us decided to charge into the Vault and see how long we could stay ahead of the spawn. What we learned (the hard way) is that Vaela, who is normally an untargetable and nonaggro mob, will become attackable if there is a long enough pause in the arrival of Cartheon at the gates to the Brotherhood encampment up the road.

Unfortunately, we killed her enough to make her aggro us, but she remained an invalid target, so we couldn’t attack her back. We plan to go back soon, only we’ll set up outside the Vault, to give a little wiggle room in case she tries to pull another fast one on us! (Thanks to “prp” for the tip)

Cartheon Summoning Stone

This is driving me crazy. I have killed about 309583259085 of the Cartheon pawns, and have never seen a “Cartheon Summoning Stone” drop, but several of my guildmates have, and some of them even have 4 or 5. I have one now (whining to guildies does work, I highly recommend it), but none of us really knows what the heck to do with it. Based on the description, it sounds like the stone will summon something, but what? And where? I’d love to know, it sounds fun.

Above: Ruined tower with strange fog in Drathel

Divine Amulet/Amulet of Divine Brilliance – Tower of the Forsaken (?)

I’ve been working on the Unmarked quest, which gives an armor item with skellie illusion, and while a group of us were killing Brotherhood, one of them dropped a “Divine Amulet.” The description said, “seek the unclean.” Later on, while we were killing the Brotherhood, the item upgraded into “Amulet of Divine Brilliance,” with the mysterious message “Awaken the forsaken one. Wear this amulet in his tower.” I *think* the tower is over in Drathel, but I will wait to try with some guildmates, in case the “forsaken one” is unfriendly.

Above: The forsaken’s tower?

*Edit* Tonight we checked out the tower, and sure enough, it was the right spot. If you have the Amulet of Divine Brilliance, and you approach the ruined tower in Drathel, it will awaken Ba’alesaz the Forsaken a 5 dot, level 41 mob. He has a mean dot, but we managed to survive him and the 4 trash mobs that we had run into on the way over (late nights = sleepy sloppiness) He dropped some nice martial arts handwraps the first time, and a good medium fighter chainmail the second. Fun stuff!

On a side note, there is a named up in the castle at the Brotherhood fortress. His name is Archbishop Draxis, and he dropped an unmarked mask as well as a bard gong. So if you are looking to start the unmarked quest, you can find the items on the Archbishop, as well as the Town Crier and Mayor Tresan in Drathel, and Captain Dreavers in the Cartheon Village.

Above: Strange tomb in the hillside near the Cartheon Village.

Hillside Vault/Soul Binding Specter

What is this all about! Why is there a tomb in the side of the hill over near the Cartheon Village, and why is there a fairy inside? Also, why is her twin up on a hillside near Haven’s Edge? And who is buried in the stone-covered grave in the tomb that opens up?

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  1. wow great pics as always. For some reason they always look steller!

    Comment by lumio — July 19, 2007 @ 8:15 pm

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