June 26, 2007

The Arena!

Giant sea sirens, scurrying brownie troublemakers, huge beasts of molten ore, and axe-wielding minotaurs who keep law and order — all of this can be found at the Arena, in Seawatch Cove. My guildmates and I spent some time here not too long ago, and it’s a fun, and rewarding, spot for anyone who is in their mid 30s.

Above: Finishing off the boss of a silver challenge ticket. He’d make a great plush doll.

Traditionally, when you hear the word Arena, images of PvP and free-for all battles come to mind. This arena is a bit different. It’s not a spot where you get flagged as PvP if you enter, rather, it’s a hunting spot for solo and group players who are looking for some experience and the chance at some great rewards.

The goal is simple in the arena — obtain zaraj arena coins and turn them in to the appropriate minotaur for your desired prize. It’s just like skeeball, only the tickets are really coins, and the person you give them to is a minotaur, and your prizes are things like armor, camel mounts, and legendary weapons, instead of hi-bounce balls and plush dolls.

Above: The Arena in Seawatch Cove.

There are several ways to obtain coins too. You can work on the quests given out by the minotaurs inside the arena, most of which ask you to kill the minos out at the camps and ruins nearby. You can also kill “suspicious spectators” who sit in the stands throughout the stadium. Lastly, you can kill nameds in the arena, who drop coins and also have a pretty good chance of dropping arena tickets.

Arena challenge tickets are a lot of fun, and the harder the challenge, the more coins you win. There are four types of tickets – bronze, silver, gold and platinum. You can divide up the coins any way you’d like, but remember that they are soulbound, so if someone is careless and clicks take all, the rest of the group is out of luck. To begin a challenge, just stand in the arena and click the ticket. Make sure that it’s clear though, and don’t start a challenge when another group is in the middle of one. It’s bad form, and could possibly bug stuff.

Above: One of the guards from a gold challenge ticket.

Bronze is a 6 coin ticket, and pretty easy. You have to kill 3 level 38 2 dot siren trash mobs, and then a level 39, 3 dot siren will spawn. Nothing tricky, just standard hack n slash.

Silver is similar. You kill the three level 38, 3 dot mobs, and a big, level 39, 4 dot cyclops will spawn. This ticket is worth 10 coins.

Gold is a little more interesting. When you start it, 4 big, level 39, 4 dot elementals spawn on the side of the arena, and come, one at a time to fight you. When you kill them all, a 5 dot level 39 rock boss appears. The fun part is that they have some kind of damage mitigation buff, so the fight can last a while, and bring flashbacks of Vex Thal. This is a 65 coin ticket.

Platinum is hard, but if you get it right it’s a fun fight and a great reward of 100 coins. This challenge summons a 6 dot, level 40 minotaur named Champion Traken, the boss of the arena. He’s hugely annoying because he has a big knockback and a stun. The trick is to get him pinned in the corner of one of the side passages, near the gates. It takes some finessing, but once you get him there, it’s a lot easier for the group to stay close enough to damge him. Obviously, casters and ranged attacks help a lot in this fight, just keep your back to a wall and you should be fine.

If you are interested in the specific rewards, seek out the minotaurs that guard the arena. They offer class specific armor for coins, as well as an Arena Master Weapon of your choice for 1,000 coins. There is some fun stuff too, offered by Dizzle, such as a camel mount, repair bots (limited charges) and some Zarajian Magic.

It’s a fun spot overall, and a nice change from the usual hunting and dungeon crawling. Even if you aren’t going for the big prizes, it’s easy enough to get some quick coins and walk away with something for a night’s work. The only thing missing is Russell Crowe organizing the slaves behind a broken chariot and yelling “Strength and Honor!”

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  1. that is where I am right now! Fun spot, good if you have little time to play.

    Comment by lumio — June 26, 2007 @ 9:12 pm

  2. I never had the opportunity to experience much of the Arena and that is one of my big regrets. It looks so fun!

    Comment by Keen — June 27, 2007 @ 12:47 pm

  3. Looks cool, I’ll definitly check it out when I get into my 30s.

    Comment by Cow Nose the 50 Pound Cat — June 29, 2007 @ 4:24 pm

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