August 26, 2007

Cribs – The Vanguard Edition

With the upcoming server merge, Telon will soon resemble that hideously cheesy movie “Far and Away,” with throngs of players running madly to plant their flag and scoop up a housing plot. Many probably already have an eye on a certain plot, but some, like me, are still up in the air on where to build. Luckily, there are plenty of great player-made resources out there to help make the choice easier. I figured I’d put them together here for anyone else who might need some tips. (Just don’t steal my plot!)

I’m one of those people who can spend hours and hours putzing around with my house decor, and when I was playing Everquest II, one of my favorite forums was the Norrathian Homeshow. With three different continental housing styles, tons of areas for plots, and scores of unique items, it’s easy to design and decorate a house in Vanguard that fits who you are.

Above: Torradan crashes the party at Andaraiel’s house in the Deebs.

Why build a house? There are two practical reasons. One is that your house gives you an additional recall button. If you are in a guild, by the way, any home can be flagged as the guild headquarters, and that allows every member in the guild to gain a recall ability for that as well. Of course, you could also work towards building a guild hall, which is a huge effort but rewards you with your very own castle! (Or palace, or den of ill repute) You can find a breakdown of what’s needed for each type here – Diplomacy requirementsCrafting requirements. The other reason to build is that you can place chests in your home, which allow you a lot more storage space. If you are a packrat like me, you’ll love having this!

For anyone making the foray into real estate, there are several tidbits of “must know” information. And the one stop shopping site for most of it is Vanguard Crafters. From housing maps, to lists of materials needed, to gallery threads of player made items and decorating tips, this site has the foundation for anyone aspiring to build.

Another amazing resource is the new plot database by Soresha. Soresha’s maps have customizable POIs that you can make into a .txt file for use on your in game map. Now, there is an option to see individual locations of housing plots. That’s an incredible amount of work, but extremely helpful – thanks to the efforts of Thalantyr, UnicornsLady, and Soresha.

Above: Rancorr “The Troublemaker” prepared a hearty dinner to welcome his guests.

Once you’ve selected a plot, and you start construction, one thing to be wary of is the “abandon constuction” button. If you’ve put in materials, and you click it, you lose everything you put in there. So don’t abandon unless you really want to start over from scratch!

When you complete your house, it’s time for the real fun – home decor! Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find housing items right now because there is no search filter for it. What I’d recommend is the same thing that’s recommended on the Vanguard Crafters forums – use keywords like: Kojani, Qalian, Thestran, Select, Standard and Prime.

Be careful though! For some reason, some of the generic grade stuff on the housing merchants, which sell for about 22 copper, are labeled as “standard,” and sometimes even “prime.” So some vultures will scoop it up and then sell it on the broker for 50-75 silver, luring unassuming home buyers into paying for items that are barely worth vulture poop. In those cases, make sure to look for the “crafted by” line in the item inspect, with a player’s name listed. That way you know it’s player crafted and not just fodder from the housing merchants.

Above: Dunthain makes use of a few well-placed tables to add a nice sturdy bar into his dwarven abode.

Once you put something in your house, you can pretty much move it around any way you like. To do this, just right click it, choose move, and then use the X,Y coordinates to turn it, tip it, rotate it, etc. It’s fun to experiment with this, and I’ve had fun overturning cups and leaning objects on my desk. I’ve even seen some creative use of tables with this method.

Above: Carefully placed flowers around two stacked beds makes Andaraiel’s bedroom a picture of grace.

You can also make objects “float.” If you take an item and put it on top of another item, then move the thing that was underneath it, the original item will still stay suspended in place. Using this technique, I have seen people make stairs out of shelves, lofts out of tables, and even strange postmodern pieces, as evidenced by Faunis’ latest attempts at home decorating.

Above: Words escape me.

Housing isn’t perfect – some items appear as cups because they don’t have a final graphic, some of the original ideas for player created cities are still in the idea phase – but there are a ton of unique, detailed housing items, and a lot of freedom in how you want to place them. Just don’t model your home after Faunis’ house.

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  1. cool i loved this piece. good stuff jaye

    Comment by lumio — August 26, 2007 @ 12:44 pm

  2. For some reason, some of the generic grade stuff on the housing merchants, which sell for about 22 copper, are labeled as “standard,” and sometimes even “prime.”These items are actually duplicates of ones that can be made by players. Most of the “furniture” items (as opposed to food, books, etc) on the housing merchants can also be made by players – though the housing merchant edition will clearly be cheaper.

    Comment by Dunthain — August 31, 2007 @ 2:34 pm

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