June 17, 2007

Tar Janashir

The Liath Desert has many remarkable spots. There is the Sunken Temple, with its towering minarets, half buried in the sand; the Jux Brownie Refuge, with it’s backward speaking denizens; and the Hidden Vault, tucked in one corner near the salt flats, veiled in sandy wind. But the most interesting spot (and most complete!) is Tar Janashir.

Above: Mongo!

If you took the shady patrons of the Star Wars Cantina, combined them with the flavor of an Indiana Jones archaelogical adventure, and added in a cool cave, you have Tar Janashir. It has a good storyline, many quests for mid-30s adventurers, and carries all the amenities of a large city (banker, broker, trainers, crafting stations, civic diplomacy).

Tar Janashir is a trading outpost that sprouted after the discovery of two prized resources – salt and pearls. Long ago, a giant white rock fell from the sky. No one knew what it was, but it caused the salt oysters to start producing beautiful pearls, which became a farmable resource and very prized.

Above: “Psst! Lady! That thing sitting next to you has a charm bracelet of heads that look like yours! Run!!!!

The salt and pearls are so important that it’s the driving goal of the questline for the Starspark Armor, which rewards you with a belt, gloves, legs, and chest piece, as well as the title “Starspark Adept.”

You start by visiting Ava Diba, who asks you to bring her pearls and salt, which you can find off the oysters and nethod that roam the salt flat nearby. Save the empty nethod salt glands, by the way, because those can be turned in at the outpost for a little coin. This quest is repeatable, but you only have to do it once (not positive on this, you might need to repeat it a second time before being able to get the other quests).

Next, you visit Kaaras Sejeh, who asks you to retrieve raw starspark salt from the Rhajiri Raiders nearby. I think the drop rate has been improved since the early start of Vanguard, because we got the required salts pretty quickly. When you complete this step, you are rewarded with a belt, and asked to retrieve starspark extract, which can drop from the raiders or from the humans in nearby Dazer Cave. When finished, you get some ale and gloves.

Above: Dazer Cave in Tar Janashir.

Next, you visit Darab Marad, who has you bring back pure starspark salt. He directs you to go to the Broken Spine, but I recommend going back to the minotaur camps over near the Jathred’s Twist Rift Stones. We picked up lots of salt by killing the minos there, plus if you are also working on Arena quests, you can get coins and challenge tickets at the same time.

Meanwhile, Tar Janashir is also the location of two interesting archaeological sites that have been uncovered. One is a vault, where the undead inside asks you to bring darkspark crystals. These drop from the mobs in the other structure, the Tomb of Aanak Vor’dan. Collect four darksparks and you can trigger an event in the vault by clicking on the stones in the first room, killing the undead that becomes aggro, and then rushing downstairs to kill another undead named who comes to life.

Above: Vault in Tar Janashir.

There are also several quests involving the tomb, and recently they added in two more, one from Janashir Jones and one from Bellzoc. Sound familiar? Janashir asks you to retrieve a long lost Idol and Bellzoc wants you to bring back an ark from the tomb. Both are found at the throne of Aanak Vor’dan, who resembles Anubis. You can reach the spot either by working your way down from the top, or jumping into the pit and going in through the entrance on the side of the tomb at the bottom.

Above: The throne room in the Tomb of Aanak Vor’dan.

I’ll admit, I clicked the ark after I found it, even though I knew I was supposed to keep it closed.
This dusty outpost is a great stop as you travel through your 30s, and if you are a diplomat with 700+ soldier presence, they recently added in a lot of civic diplomacy content. Personally, I can’t wait to level up in diplomacy just so I can hear some of the storylines in this area. I just hope I don’t get my head torn off in the process.

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  1. The graphics in these pictures look great. I have the game but have to run it on high performance, so the graphics don’t look very good. What type of system do you have?

    Thanks for the great blog!

    Comment by Ceadrick — September 18, 2007 @ 12:40 am

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