April 16, 2007

Fizzi Fazzle and the Trengal Keep Mystery

I recently finished up the Legends of Trengal Keep quest line. I have a love/hate relationship with that dungeon, but that’s what also makes it so endearing to me. As I wrote before, this former Thestran keep is now home to a variety of orcs, goblins, drakes, meteors, and many other creepy things. If you are also working on the “Crux” quests, you can eventually get a ring that will summon Karujin Gulgrethor, who massacred the Martok and stole The Harvester. It’s visually stunning, and enormous – it sports a large courtyard as well as two underground areas. There is enough here to keep people busy for weeks, and it’s great for anyone level 23 and up, although I would recommend not going too far into the dungeon till at least level 25.

Above: Rancorr faces off with a Gulgrethor orc.

Trengal Keep is the kind of dungeon that really tears up bad pick up groups, which I found out the hard way a couple of times. Luckily, there are plenty of guildmates who are willing to roll up their sleeves and tackle a tough dungeon. Thanks to my friend Fizzi Fazzle, I was able to see some amazing things and finish up the Legends line to get a nice cloak! Fizzi is one of those people who just plain knows how to play, and I’m lucky to have known her for years now. She has a way of bringing everyone’s game up to another level, which is important because her favorite stomping grounds are deep inside hair-pullingly difficult dungeons, where there is little room for error.

Fizzi was nice enough to take several groups of guildies through here, and she put together a great guide for the Legend of Trengal Keep quests. She was nice enough to let me post it here and share it with others. (With a few notes from me here and there) I hope others find it as helpful as I did!

The Legend of Trengal Keep:

Note: When fighting in from the front of TK, be careful of trains!

Part 1 is straightforward. Go into the front of the TK (main entrance). Kill everything in sight. Keep working your way straight in. You’ll get all mobs you need.

*NOTE* The front courtyard is also where you can complete the quest for Aarond’s Notes as well as the first “Study a brick” quest for the Thestran cornerstone crafting quest. Aarond’s notes can be found in a dilapidated building on the left as you head in. You’ll see a plank leaning on the ruined building. Climb that, work your way around the ledge, and you’ll see the notes, which have a fast respawn. The brick you need to study is also in a ruined building on the left (I can’t remember for sure but it might be the same building.) You’ll have to study it a few times for the update so keep trying if you don’t succeed!

Part 2 is also pretty straightforward, but you’ll need to go in quite a bit deeper. Go in straight, past the pit with the rock-thingys in it. After a point, you wont be able to go in the foward direction anymore, so head right. The clouds that you need will be in this right turn area. This is also train-city, so be careful. Once you emerge from this turn area, you’ll start seeing the skellies you need and the casters. Mow em down, but remember that the clouds are the bottle neck for this quest. Note also the pit that you see beetles in. You need that for Part 3.

Above: Heading to the Beetles!

Part 3 isn’t too bad if you know where to go. So I’ll tell you! Fight back in all the way to the beetles you saw doing Part 2. The beetles are in a pit that has a left hand side and a right hand side (cause there is stuff in the middle, duh). Kill everything in the left hand side and then move to the right hand side. Kill the beetles, and now you have all 10. Now that you’re on the right hand side, you will see a wall in front of you (probably with a big spider on it). You need to get up that wall. Go to the wall and make your way leftward and you will be able to get up it. Gratz. There are all the spiders you need in this area. Kill the 10 you need, but note, while you’re on the wall, to the right of you and in front a bit, that there is a fallen pillar. You need to go up that pillar to get your crystal. You will know it is the correct pillar because it has a spider on it about halfway up. Make your life easy by going up the ridges of the pillar, kill the spider, get to the very top you’ll be on a ledge. work your way left and out on a plank-like thing. There is your crystal. You’re done with part 3.

Part 4 is a PIA. This is because you really have to go in deep, and if you wipe, you’re in for a longish CR and lost time.

Fight all the way in to the fallen pillar of Part 3. There is an entrance in the ground you need to find. You can find it by imagining that you’re walking down the fallen pillar and that you keep going a little ways (and slightly to the right) into the ruins you come upon. Poke around a bit and you’ll see an entrance that goes underground. That’s it.

Above: Entry for the Arcanium, needed for part 4.

Go on in. This area isn’t very big, but this is tough stuff because of chain agro. The first room you break has a couple of roamers that will chain everything on you. Be careful of roamers in general. Be careful of other groups training you. The 5 dots are easy. The 4 dot little spiders you come upon later are very very tough, undercons. Just go really slow and you will get your two locations and mobs.

A safe spot for a CR is in the room with the three mobs (center one is a skelly) tight on the wall to the left. Note it before you proceed into the hallway on the right that has the spiders.

Part 5 (and heart of Steel quest while we’re at it).

On the side of TK (roughly in the center) that faces the quest giver area there is a small entrance hidden behind a smallish mob spawn area. Make your way there and enter the Keep.

Make your way to the right and pass through the open gate. Keep going and soon you’ll see the chapel ahead and to the right. The mobs you want are in here. However, to make it to the chapel, you will pass Fizzi’s unlucky chain agro of death area. That is, it seems that the rock mobs in front of the chapel have a huge agro radius and will agro from afar for no reason. Proceed with caution. If you are grouped with a bard, use invis.

*NOTE* If you are doing the Thestra cornerstone quest for crafting, you can find the second brick in front of Fizzi’s unlucky death chapel. Study it!

Go into the chapel and start killing your mobs. They are all there, and this should be straightforward.

To do the Heart of Steel quest while you’re in the area, come out of the chapel using one of the “front” doors. Head straight out and a little to the left using invis or clearing the obnoxious rocks that are all spawned there. Eventually you will come to a plank that leads down into pit with shallow water. Kill a few mobs down there and your drop for the quest will drop. Evac out now or head back to where you came into TK by the side door.

To get to the Part 5 turn in NPC is actually a lot of fun. As you reenter TK from the side entrance turn left and make your way to the leaning pillar the leans against the Keep’s outer wall. (Also, make sure that you’ve set your compass to track the turn in NPC, Sage Soandso.) Climb that pillar to get to the top of the wall; nearing the top, a jump or two can help. Go to the right once up top. Using your compass make your way to the NPC. There is a point where you move to a lower wall level. Nothing sees through invis up here, so if you’re grouped with a bard, you’re golden.

Part 6 is pretty straightforward. (This part is added by me so if it has errors don’t blame Fizzi!). As before, you head in through the sewer on the side of the wall, and cross over the fallen pillar to the spot marked on the map. Invis helps make this a short trip. As you clear the dungeon to the shrine, you’ll get plenty of updates for the quest to kill orcs. There is also a chance you’ll get “Nishek’s whip,” which is needed to summon Nishek for the Crux of Trengal Keep quest. We unfortunately didn’t try it, because the room was bugged and there were double spawns of orcs stacked on top of each other in the summoning room, but hopefully we’ll try that down the road.

As for the shrine update, if you crawl straight from the stairs, and then take a left when you can’t go straight anymore, you should reach the room. You’ll know it because it’s at the bottom of some stairs, and it has two rows of orcs guarding it. If you carefully pull enough from the entrance, you can work your way around the left side of the shrine room, and get close enough to get the update. When you’re done, you head back up the fallen pillar to the wall, to meet up with Sage Ezelen, and you now have a sporty hooded cloak and the honor of having completed the quest line!

Above: “Scenic” overlook of the Trengal Keep courtyard.

Cool Moment of the Dungeon Crawl: Our group had a bit of unexpected danger as we went to meet with Sage for the last time. We reached the wall, ready to turn in, only to find her missing! Eventually we spotted her down below in the courtyard, fighting about 12 mobs! I guess she was tired of standing around and decided to go pick a fight with the locals. We made our way down to her and hailed her between rounds of combat, and then stuck around to help her finish off the glob of monsters she was fighting. It may have been a bug, but it was neat to have one final battle to cap things off. It was a very fitting end to an extremely fun dungeon crawl.

Thanks again Fizzi, for letting me share this great guide to a fun dungeon!

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