March 29, 2007

To Infineum and Beyond!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Thestra lately, but the lure of Infineum keeps pulling me back to Qalia.

Above: Some guildies from Revelry and Honor taking in the view after receiving their Infineum cloaks. We look good in grey!

It seems that there’s some disturbing stuff going on in the Infineum Mines. I have only done part of the questline so far, but apparently there is a group of Infineum Cultists that have managed to enthrall some slaves, who are mining infineum for them to be used in various ways. Kronus Infineum, their leader, has somehow managed to slip the bonds of time and become and eternal entity.

Because Infineum carries mysterious properties, the cultists have found ways to forge weapons and armor with it. They also seem to be working on a way to build infineum golems that harness the power of dead cultists, which could be disastrous if they manage that on a large scale.

With a threat that large, there’s a lot to do! The Infineum questline has several parts (I’m on step 5 right now), with some fun fights and interesting twists. Right now, for example, I am donning a cultists robe and mingling with them in order to figure out how they forge their weapons. I’m sure the pointy ears and sticks in my hair would never give away the fact that I’m not a human like them! /nod

Above: Yes, we’re Infineum Cultists, don’t look at me like that!

I’m not good at posting walkthroughs, but I’ll offer a few tips here that my guild and I learned the hard way. I’d also recommend, though, that you check out a walkthrough at VG Bards (must register to see all of their forums, but I highly recommend it, there’s lot of good game info there), and a good entry about the cloak quest from Silverstep over at MMO Quests, a nice gaming blog. There are a lot of write ups out there, but these are the two that I found most helpful.

The Famous Fubared Fight: This is the first major encounter you face when doing the first part of the Infineum Questline, also known as the “cloak quest.” You’ve talked to Warder Pondar, you found the runaway slave (who is tucked in the rocks at the west side of the mines entrance), and you are set up outside the tent of the cruel Captain who has lured and enslaved others into mining infineum. The Fubared fight has been, well, fubared in a number of ways since launch, but a lot of the bugs are gone now, and the fight has been made much easier.

If you have multiple groups doing this encounter, there are two things you need to make sure not to do. First, make sure that the person who talks to Fubared is someone who is on that step of the quest, otherwise he will poof and you have to wait another 15 minutes for him to respawn. It’s no biggie, but if someone who has finished the quest talks to him, you will have to wait a little longer.

The other thing is to make sure that if multiple groups are there, the only group that should damage Fubared is the group that is aiming for the quest credit. During the fight, Fubared calls for his guards twice, bringing two adds with him each time. When he does that, he resets ownership, meaning if another group is doing damage to him, they can unintentionally get ownership later in the fight. So if you take a couple of guild groups there, or you meet up with another group that is at the spot, make sure that the extra groups only kill the adds, and not Fubared.

The Book and Quiz: For a while, the second part of the Infineum Quest line required you to seek out a book, and answer questions correctly based on lore. For whatever reason, the quiz is no longer part of the quest. So once you find the book, you just click it, and then grab a quest from the book on the floor.

The Trevorak Fight: This is for the quest “Vengeance,” which is part of the Infineum Ring quest. You’re tasked with killing Recruiter Trevorak, and this fight can be a little tricky if you aren’t heads up. When you have cleared around the Recruiter and start the fight, she brings four adds immediately. You’ll need some crowd control or off tanking in order to handle it, although some write ups mention kiting too. (I’m not a big kiting fan). If you have more than one group working on this part, the second group can only help by healing the first group. The encounter is locked so outside groups can’t do damage. If you can get control of the encounter early, though, the fight is very simple.

Finding Acadd: Maybe it was just us, but it took us forever to find Mineralogist Acadd. I blame that dumb gnome Donovan, who sent us west when he should have said south. Anyway, if anyone else has trouble, you can find Acadd by going south through the Infineum Mines, to the opening of the southern mines.

Above: Mineralogist Acadd. And to think, all this time, I was wandering around the Infineum mines with nothing but a bow and some leather, while Acadd has to sport this gnomish suit for protection. I think I need to have a sit down with that gnome Donovan.

Overall, this quest line has been perfect for a guild like ours. We’re a small guild of seasoned, yet mellow gamers. The Infineum questline offers us enough challenge to keep us on our toes, but it doesn’t involve long timesinks (at least so far!) that would suck us into a more hardcore playstyle that doesn’t fit our real life schedules. The rewards are also nice for anyone in their twenties, and I saw plenty of people lfg for various parts of the quests, so it tends to be a nice spot to find pickup groups.

Now if I could only find a way to get myself one of those funky suits that Acadd wears….

*Edit* Adding in another, and more thorough, walkthrough here at Vanguard Rangers.

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  1. i love the capes shot!

    Comment by navid — March 30, 2007 @ 2:21 am

  2. hehe i love the screenie with all guildies dressed with the Infineum Cloak :D looks kinda nice !

    take care !

    Comment by Morradrek — March 30, 2007 @ 4:04 am

  3. You can get one of those suits !! Go to Chrysol Mines and complete the quests there you get to hop in one for a bit in a low gravity environment :)

    Comment by Mort — May 6, 2007 @ 9:49 am

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