March 20, 2007

Sometimes the Bear Bites You

“Sometimes you bite the bear, and sometimes the bear bites you.”

The bear is definitely biting me right now. Last week, I was outside, basking in the sun, watching my son walk on grass for the first time, and trying to catch up to my daughter, who was doing a great impression of Mia Hamm. The kids and I got to rock out to “Real Gone,” while we played with the sandbox.

Today, we have about a foot of frozen snow all over everything, and it’s below freezing outside. I can’t even take the kids outside to play because the snow is about as hard as pavement right now. I’m so done with winter!

At least I can get away from it all in Vanguard right? Wrong! By the way, anyone who turns to MMORPGs to get away from the stress of real life is setting themselves up for a big letdown. I keep rediscovering that fact every so often.

Over the weekend, a group of us went back over to finish that quest at the lizard village in Strand of the Ancients, but bagged it early on because there is some kind of bug with the war banners that drop from the named. We killed two or three named, and none dropped the banner, so we gave up and moved on. I’m so done with bugged lizards!

We tried going down into Pantheon of the Ancients, but decided to leave after seeing the levels of the mobs down there. We met a friendly guy, though, who seems to be the custodian of the dungeon. I think he needs to get out more though. Maybe he’s been snowed in too.

We popped into Imanj Sanctellum to see if we could crawl around a little and work on a quest that we had gotten at the Garrison. After about 10 minutes of seeing only greys, we headed out. This is a nice spot for a group in their late teens/early 20s however. And there is a decent earring quest given out, called Failure of Imanj I think.

Since we were fairly close, I pestered the group to check out Skawlra Rock, a cool, but chaotic, spot that can be found if you swim through a little cave on the south side of the island. There are a couple of quests that you can get from the NPCs on the sandy beach just near the island, and one of them gives a nice chest piece for someone in their mid 20s.

We buffed up, glanced up the ramp at the mob con, and were confident that we had finally found a good spot for a night’s work of dungeon crawling.

Thirty minutes later, we were summoning our corpses and calling it a night. I think fatigue set in, and it would have helped to have a crowd control class with us. Overall, this was one of those times where the bear bit us.

On an upbeat note, we did explore that neat citadel just off shore near Strand of the Ancients. It’s full of angry cyclops, and at the top were some black clouds and two named. Basically it was like fighting a tower full of Master Blasters. It’s a good spot if you are looking for level 21-23 four dot mobs. (Nameds were 5 dot I think)

We’ve also been running guildmates through the Lyceum this week, now that the items are tradable. So far, everyone’s been able to get a great upgrade, although it usually takes some switching around to get an appropriate reward for all. The common item seems to be Ghaldrid’s Ebony Scalemail, and I’m now the proud owner of three of them! So if anyone on the Thunderaxe server can use one, and has been flagged as having killed Ghaldrid, look me up!

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  1. congrats on becoming a VG vault Staff!

    Comment by navid — March 23, 2007 @ 12:44 am

  2. I love your blog! Keep up the great work! Nice screenies and good read!

    Comment by jayfyve — March 26, 2007 @ 1:46 pm

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