February 22, 2007

Vault of Heroes

Since my last update, I’ve been doing a lot of faction grinding with Baby Tylenol, Little Noses, Comtrex, and Sudafed. A real gem of a bug hit our household, so I have been busy either tending to the sick kids or trying to recover from it myself. I think we’re on the rebound now, so hopefully I can get back in the routine again.

I did a nice little dungeon crawling this past weekend over at the Vault of Heroes, a great dungeon near Tarheen’s Vengeance. From what I can gather, this used to be the place where the Varanjar and Lesser Giants buried their heroes from the Orctide War, and which was also used as an armory during the war to help fend off the attacks from the Orcs and Goblins.

Now, though, the vault has been taken over by the Broken Fang Gnolls. There is also a group there that are called the Torsheim, which is the name of a Lesser Giant hero, but I don’t know any other background of why they are there, or why they have teamed up with the Gnolls.

The nearest outpost to the Vault is at Tarhean’s Vengeance, which was named after the last fallen warrior who tried in vain to protect the Vault from the gnolls. While there were many good solo and small group quests there for around 10-15, I could not find any quests that were directly related to the Vault of Heroes dungeon. I’m assuming that Vault quests are further along in a quest line from Tarhean’s, because we saw a few spots in the dungeon that were highlighted when we moused over them, so they must be clickable.

The dungeon is really fun, and a great crawl for any group that’s around 10-15. Pulls usually come in clumps of 2-3, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the hell aggro from Achatlan Caves or Khegor’s End. (Yes, I think I was traumatized by those two dungeons!) If they would just figure out a way to stop the roamers from causing ridiculous chain aggro, those spots wouldn’t be so bad. But there’s nothing more annoying than working hard to bring in a managable pull, and then get a roamer add, who chain aggros the last 12 mobs that he walked past, essentially bringing an entire hall or room of mobs.

We made our way up a few flights of stairs to an altar, which, sadly, was empty at the time. We then crawled back down and eventually found ourselves in some type of tunnel maze that contained spirits of the fallen heroes. The heroes were non-kos to us, and again, I wonder if they are related to some kind of quest.

I’d love to find out more about any quests involving the dungeon. I kinda outleveled the quests that are offered at Tarhean’s, but I might go knock them out just to see if any of them lead further along to other quests. Overall, though, Tarhean’s Vengeance and the Vault of Heroes chunk in general is great for anyone around level 8-15. There’s a lot of solo/duo quests, plus a number of little nooks to hunt from, like the outdoor gnoll camp (just don’t go crazy with the meat please!), Harshan’s Hold, Cave of the Urugog (awesome looking trolls!), and of course, the Vault Dungeon.

But if you do head to the Vault of Heroes, whatever you do, DO NOT SIT ON THE THRONE! Ok, not really, just having an EQ flashback.

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  1. Once, in Norrath, I cleared the whole Castle of Crushbone with my iksar monk and I sat on the throne of the Emperor ! Similar flashback as yours ;)

    Your blog is awesome and I’m everytime pleased to read your stories :)

    keep it up !!

    Dark Elf DK on Infineum

    Comment by morradrek — February 23, 2007 @ 9:47 am

  2. Great Picture! (as are they all on your site) :)

    Just found your Blog last night and I must say it is a wonderful read/look!

    I enjoy your insight to the local lore of the areas you come across in your journeys and like I mentioned, your choice of screen shots are perfect :)

    I wish you and your Guild the very best!

    Regards & Good Hunting :)

    Lvl 14 Paladin / Hisbury Server

    Comment by Roland — February 23, 2007 @ 12:07 pm

  3. Hi Jaye! I must say I have been a big fan of your blog over the past few years.

    You know what? It’s largely because of you that I decided to make my own MMO journal blog! I have always thought about it but never have I really done it untill now.

    Anyways I know you probably wont want to link me to your part of the blogosphere but I thought I would come and ask if you might want to take a look at it? Tell me what you think and mabey you have some advice for a newbie blogger?

    Comment by Cow Nose The 50 Pound Cat — February 25, 2007 @ 4:23 am

  4. Hey, great blog. The questline that you were or still are looking for is fiven by a Lesser Giant at Taheans Vengence Outpost. He wears a green robe. Speak to him until he gives you a quest that will lead to gnoll enslaving camp. Keep doing the quests, until Orcbane mines, and then, finnaly, move on to Vault of Heros. Really fun questline. I wont tell you what are the rewards, or what lies ahead. It would spoil the fun :)

    Good luck

    Comment by Mendez — January 10, 2008 @ 5:53 pm

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