February 18, 2007

More Lyceum Fun

I’ve been working away at the quests in the Fallen Lyceum, and loving every minute of it. Friday night I got to be in one of those groups where you felt like you could kill pretty much everything you could find. We made a lot of headway on the tasks that the Lyceum students gave which will uncover knowledge on how to kill the three school headmasters, and ultimately, Ghaldrid himself.

Here’s some screenshots from the past two nights:

Above: Ginon, me, and Andaraiel take on a Treant in the Lyceum.

Above: Another shot of combat in the Lyceum. Johnathan, Andaraiel, me, Ginon and Faunis fighting a treant. Orkoh was there too but always seemed to dodge the camera!

Above: Orkoh (caught you!), me, Johnathan (foreground), part of Ginon, and Faunis, all poised for action in the druid school building. And yes, that is a tree growing indoors!

Above: I know it’s just mid-teens group yard trash, but for some reason after I took this shot I had the urge to photoshop “OWNED” in big red letters across the picture. It’s such a cool looking mob.

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  1. very nice pics as always.

    Comment by navid — February 19, 2007 @ 8:43 am

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