February 15, 2007

My friend Ashby (Fallen Lyceum)

I continued to explore the Fallen Lyceum and the area surrounding it, in an effort to help uncover a way to disrupt the influx of Kaon sprites into Telon. I did a nice little solo quest that involves the phase stones just outside Arlinora’s Retreat, and I did my part to control the redcap brownie and kaon fairy population. When I was hunting there I couldn’t help but think of the little fairy village in Lesser Faydark, which also had mushrooms and cute little fairies, although much less threatening. I even enjoyed the background music in both spots – the peaceful melody that plays at the phase cap area makes killing brownies feel like buddhist meditation!

Above: One of my favorite shots of the bridge over Kaon’s Rush.

I also worked on another quest that required me to travel back to the entrance of the Lyceum, activate the phase stone in front, and enter the Kaon Portal that opens up. My ultimate mission was to uncover a way to end the madness of the Kaon Followers. I activated the phase stone and triggered the portal, but had trouble figuring out how to enter it. What worked for me was to double click the glowing portal, rather than right clicking it. Moving around might have helped a bit too, but if you are trying it, stick with it, it will work.

Above: The Kaon Portal outside the Lyceum.

As I ported up, I started to get a little worried that I had ported up without a few friends, and I wondered what train from hell would be greeting me when I arrived on the other side. Maybe it would be one of those huge elementals that guard the courtyard, or a huge treant that stalked the back of the buildings. Maybe it would be one of the Kaon followers themselves, poised with a deadly strike as I entered. As it turned out, it was none of the above, but was instead….

A cat!

Above: Ashby and Me.

A rather smartmouthed cat actually, and his name was Ashby. I had ported up to one of the smaller floating rocks, above the land and below the huge floating school building. Ashby initially gave me a choice of either helping him or not, but I didn’t really have a choice since he told me I was on my own to get off the rock if I didn’t choose to help. Nice, real nice, I’m being bossed around by a cat. It was very tempting to give him a quick flick of my boot and see if cats can really land on their feet, but I continued to hear him out, and the more I listened, the more I liked him!

He brought me back down to the Lyceum courtyard and told me a little background. Apparently there are three schools at the Lyceum – Necromancer, Sorceror, and Druid schools – and each was led by a very powerful headmaster. He sent me to visit three students within the Lyceum, each of whom had a task for me that would help me learn the way to defeat each headmaster. But the real mission was to find a way to destroy Ghaldrid, the most powerful caster and the one who oversaw everything at the Lyceum.

Since I needed friends to help me with the tasks given by the three students in the Lyceum, I went back to the phase stones and picked off a few more. But I can’t wait to continue this quest line, and while I won’t post it here, I did peek at the reward for killing Ghaldrid, and seeing it made me even more motivated to defeat this guy!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful screen shots

    Comment by Stargrace — February 15, 2007 @ 1:21 pm

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