February 5, 2007

Varlon Majar and Me

I think I’m roleplaying a ranger a little too well, because I can’t seem to stay in one spot for very long before getting itchy to explore somewhere else. The upside to that, though, is that I got to see some nice little hunting spots.

I did a little work over at the Verdant Lurker Headquarters, near Veskel’s Exchange. This, by the way, is currently the only spot where you can get a cloak, if you tinker a bit with the quest. Apparently all cloaks have temporarily been taken out of game, with the exception of the Collector’s Edition /claimed cloaks and the one you get when working on the Verdant Lurker quest line. There’s a good post about how to keep the Verdant Lurker cloak here on Vanguard Rangers. (Terrific site for rangers by the way). I haven’t gotten far enough to get the cloak part (it’s really a shoulder item but looks like a cloak), but when I return to Veskel’s I fully intend to!

I also visited Khegor’s End, a great crawl for solid groups for levels 12-17. It’s in Western Thestra, over near Bordinar’s Cleft. There are a ton of quests that involve this dungeon, and what I love about it is that you can’t really get lost inside. It’s very linear, yet it feels huge. Bring a solid group in here though – mobs are 4 dots and tend to come in clumps. And don’t forget to stop and fill your vials along the way!

I also did some questing over in Kojan, near my homeland. I got to do some orc hunting (Can we trueshot now?!) and knocked out a bunch of quests involving the Kojuko. I plan to head over to the Tomb of Lord Tsang soon, if I can stay in Kojan long enough.

But of all the places I saw over the weekend, my favorite was Three Rivers. And of all the quests I worked on, my favorite was the quest line involving a really cool wizard named Varlon Majar.

Varlon is a wizard who recently moved into a rather imposing tower overlooking the Village of Three Rivers. Captain Vauni Graylion beckoned me over and asked me to deliver a welcome letter to him, since her guards were not able to get past the stone guardians to reach him. I took the letter up the hill and, lo and behold, I was immediately attacked by two stone guardians. After killing them, something called their “inner manifestation” appeared over them. It was not KOS but it was attackable, so be careful not to accidentally whack it while trying to loot the corpse if you do this task.

I made my way up to the tower. You can actually skip some of the guards if you hike up the left side rocks, just watch out for a couple of stone guards that sit on the backside of the rocks, plus one roaming Commander that walks up and down the hill. There’s also a little demon at the top that offers a few more quests if you have room in your journal (I didn’t).

I met Varlon and delivered the letter. He didn’t seem that impressed with the welcome note, but he was very glad to see me. He explained that he needed to do some mining, and needed a dwarf to do the work for him. He then gave me a big sack and told me to subdue a dwarf, stuff it in the sack, and bring it back to him.

I looked very closely at him, and wondered if I had somehow warped into Hathor Zhi and was talking to a dark elf. This seemed extremely evil, but then again, it did seem like a good idea, and I knew a few dwarves that deserved to be stuffed in a sack.

The best spot to find the dwarves, by the way, are right below along the road near the Bloodaxe Bridge. There are several clusters of Draven Outlaws, and there are two quests involving outlaws offered in Three Rivers, so it’s wise to scoop those up and knock them all out at the same time. The quest for Outlaw arms is even repeatable, so do it early and often! If you are hunting the Outlaws solo, you can grab singles from the clusters of three if you wait – they do roam a bit. Or, you can head a little further down the road and find the Outlaw camp where Draven hides out – there are several outlaw guards there and it’s easier to get them single.

I quickly found my dwarf and delivered the sack. As I was delivering his response to Three Rivers, however, he told me that the dwarf became belligerent and tried to escape with his pick axe, so Varlon had to dispose of him. I had to now go get a halfling!

I started to get worried that my skin was going to turn blue, but I went down and fetched a halfling for him. He then instructed me to take the sack of dwarf remains and toss them over the side of the Bloodaxe Bridge. Great, not only am I becoming an evil elf, but I’m now doing mafia-style disposal!

This was quickly becoming the coolest quest ever, so I dumped the sack over the bridge and eagerly returned to find out what the next step was. Of course, the halfling didn’t work out for good old Varlon, so I had to get him a high elf, and also dump the halfling over the bridge. You can guess what happened when I delivered the high elf!

I was preparing to go get him a gnome, but instead he sent me back down to the bridge. After dumping the high elf, he wanted me to actually retrieve the three poor souls and bring them back. The catch was that they had become zombies, so I had to “subdue” them and bring them back in that sack again.

I delivered the goods, and Varlon rewarded me with a choice of some plate boots or a tunic with some wisdom on it. I’m guessing these used to be property of the poor dwarf, but since he didn’t care anymore, I chose the tunic.

As I left the tower, I wondered what Varlon was going to do with his new undead pals. I also wondered if the villagers of Three Rivers would be thrilled to learn of what their new neighbor was up to. At least he didn’t ask me for a human, so it can’t be that bad!

On another note, I just wanted to thank Mikael over at Teloncast put in a nice word for my site on his latest Vanguard Podcast. Thank you! Teloncast is a nifty podcast about a variety of Vanguard topics, and he reviews news highlights of the past week too. It’s fun to listen to it in the background while you look for your tombstone in Vanguard, so check it out!

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  1. Thanks right back atcha! That quest sounds great, some day when i finally get off Qalia, i will definitely be checking it out!

    Comment by Mikael — February 5, 2007 @ 5:09 pm

  2. I made that quests. They are a lot fun.

    Our dwarven group had a elf member, but she don’t wanted go inside the sack… we had to get an elf bandit.

    Dwarven power!

    Sorry the bad english, my native language is khuzdum

    Comment by Geregor Bedstone — February 6, 2007 @ 10:12 am

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