February 1, 2007

Veskel’s Exchange

I can now boast of being one of the few who survived having an entire kitchen fall on their head. Granted, it was just one of those Little Tykes play kitchens that my daughter accidentally knocked over onto me while I was on the floor putting my son’s jacket on. But lemme tell you, they’re a lot heavier than they look!

It’s really hard to top that for the day’s highlight, but seeing the Spider Queen in Veksal’s exchange certainly comes close. If you are working on the quests here, I have a few tips. First, if you need to find the Kaon Portal to exit the cave, follow the red glowing dots. There are actually two portals, but the one by the Spider Queen is not the one to exit. The other portal is just up the bridge and around the corner.

Second, if you are trying to do the Spider Queen quest, called The Cure, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work properly. One of our group members did it but could not get the turn in to accept it back at the outpost. And meanwhile, the rest of us sat at the Spider Queen’s lair waiting for a repop that never happened. So for now, it looks like the last doable quest in that chain is the one where you have to find an Egg Layer and let it bite you repeatedly until it implants its eggs in your stomach. Yes, disgusting!

Even though it didn’t work correctly, it was a fun quest line, and the spider cave is a really fun crawl. On top of all that, I actually got to set my /assist key to….a cleric. Good times!

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