May 16, 2012


I followed the whole Happy Meal crackdown with mild interest, but somehow didn’t really believe that our town would be affected. I figured it was just another weird California thing. Obviously, we haven’t been to a McDonald’s in a while, but when we ordered up our Happy Meals and got to the car, I opened the boxes to fetch the toys for the kids and couldn’t help but notice the french fries.

What the what is that? I put it up to a large fries to show the comparison. All I could think of is that McDonalds finally perfected Wonkavision. The box size is bad enough, but of course, the servers can’t take the normal-sized scooper and get any fries to actually fall into the box, so there were about 8 fries total in there, and only two of them were long enough to actually peek over the edge. I actually ordered that large fry in the picture because I took pity on the kids, who deserved a decent pile of perfectly cut potatoes.

I have this whole long rant about how this stupidly small fry is a symbol of what’s wrong with our country, but I think my daughter summed it up best when she said that it was so ridiculous, it needed to be on the show Ridiculousness. If only we could get someone to make a video of a tiny fry plunging head over heels down a hill on a skateboard. That would be perfect.

Sorry Mickey D’s. I grew up on you. I used to wait for up to a half hour in the drive through in High School to get your McDLT and awesome fries, but you’re ruining it for my kids, so we probably won’t be back again soon.

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