December 15, 2007

Festival of Glorian! (Update 3.2)

I *HAD* to get a reindeer! When I read that they had put in a flying reindeer mount named Randolph, my first though was….

……….my son is a developer for Vanguard! The reason why I say that is because both Vanguard and my son are looking at a flying, red-nosed reindeer, and getting the name wrong. It’s Rudolph! Not Randolph, and not Pluto, as my almost-two-year-old son insists. At this point, I know he’s not confused, he’s just pushing my buttons when he runs up to me, points to the reindeer, and says, “Look, Mommy, Pluto!” But I digress…

I love holiday events! Troy and I had a little debate about this on our last podcast, because he sorta feels like it would have been better to keep the focus on fixing the game, instead of diverting manpower to setting up this in game event. While I see his point, I feel like the Festival of Glorian is important, precisely because the community has patiently played through many roadbumps and issues in the game for the past year. They deserve a breather. They deserve some fun details. And in game events are the type of detail that I hope to see more of.

If you haven’t seen it, the in game items are gorgeous. By the time I logged in, Andaraiel had already decked out our guild hall with a beautiful Christma…er, Glorian tree, as well as several neat presents. I got a nice wreath later, as well as a smaller tree that I stuck by the fireplace. Maybe more than one tree will mean extra presents. Vanguard has always excelled at “the look,” and they delivered once again with the decorations.

Of course, Update 3 isn’t just about presents! Ancient Port Warehouse went live, and despite some issues with high ping rates when the shards reached a certain number of people, things went smoothly. I’m really happy they went with the idea of shards for this raid zone. You can argue about the purity of uninstanced content all day long, but the reality is that Vanguard is top heavy with guilds that have been ready to raid for months. Having just one location for APW on a given server would have meant meltdown. It’s great to see that guilds can enjoy the challenge of the content, rather than the disastrous effects of overcrowding, lack of content, training, KS’ing, and all those other fun things that can occur. Besides, it’s not really instancing in the true definition of the word anyway. Smartly done, and something I had hoped for long ago.

This Update also added optimizations to Khal, as well as a new setting called character occlusion. I checked out Khal, and it looks great. There was a real improvement in performance too, which is a nice sign of things to come down the road.

Anyway, I’m off to do a flyover with my new friend! Happy Holidays!

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  1. Merry Christmas Jaye ! Good to see some new nice posts on your blog =D !!!

    cya !


    Comment by Morra — December 17, 2007 @ 10:39 am

  2. Since they’ve re-opened closed accounts, I was curious what server you played on, going to take a peek. :)

    Comment by stargrace — December 18, 2007 @ 12:18 pm

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