March 2, 2007

Kill Ghaldrid, Vol 1

On and off over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a questline in The Fallen Lyceum, and last night, my group completed it by killing Ghaldrid, the master of the Lyceum and the source of chaos in what was once known as the Elven School of Magic.

Above: Titania, the mysterious master of Ashby, who thanked us for killing Ghaldrid, and left us with some unsettling questions.

To give a little background, we’ve been slowly completing a series of quests which enabled us to port up to the Oculus, which is the large building looming over the Lyceum. Inside the Oculus, there are three headmasters, and each one drops a piece needed to “make” a key to port up to Ghaldrid’s chamber. (You don’t actually need to combine the pieces or anything, you just need to have all three in your possession to click up to his chamber) Once there, you have an hour to kill him.

It sounds easy, but it’s a little more complicated than that, because he’s a pretty dodgy fellow. The first time we tried to attack him, he unleashed a small dragon on us and fled up a stone ramp like a little sissy.

Above: Killing Steng while Ghaldrid flees.

We killed Steng and started up the ramp, but we had to first clear out a small army of redcap brownies. We cleared to Ghaldrid and attacked again, but after tossing us in the air, he continued to flee up the ramp, and this time put a bunch of nasty fairies in our way. Undaunted, we killed them all, and finally had him cornered at the top of the ramp, only this time, he was cowering behind two of his guards. It was a rough fight, but we were able to kill Ghaldrid, and then finished off his guards.

Above: Fighting Ghaldrid.

After we were done, Titania appeared, the mysterious master of Ashby, and rewarded us for killing Ghaldrid by giving us our very own caged redcap brownies! It was late and I was focused on getting through the turn in as quick as possible, so I missed a lot of her dialogue, but she thanked us for killing Ghaldrid, and also for making it easier for her to eventually return to Telon, (thanks to Andaraiel for helping with this detail) although I’m not exactly sure that’s a good thing….

Titania also asked us to turn in our key pieces to her, and we had the option of agreeing or refusing. We all agreed, and got some very nice items which were unfortunately all soulbound, and most of which could not be used by our respective classes. It makes me almost wish I had refused!

Overall, the evening (which ended up becoming a very very late night) was a total blast, and I haven’t had that much fun dungeon crawling in a long time. The entire quest line is well done, and the Fallen Lyceum is a really neat looking place. It’s perfect for levels 15-21, and if they fix up that quest reward, it’ll be a nice incentive to stick with the quest line to the end.

Cool moment of the evening: Killing treants and hearing our weapons make a clunk sound against the wood, just as you’d hear if you were in your backyard chopping down a tree. It’s a tiny detail, but very cool to hear.

Cooler moment of the evening: Being the last one standing against Morwaen, the undead headmaster, and winning by a whisker. Who says rangers can’t tank!

Red Herring of the evening(?): Karoneth’enin. As you complete the tasks to glean info on how to kill the headmasters, you are given a soultrap essence and the instructions to say “Karoneth’enin” when you face off against Morwaen’s minions, which are skeletal undead that spawn during the fight. Our group must have said it about 300 times while targetting the minions, and nothing happened. I got so fed up, I started saying “red herring,” to the minions, but that didnt’ work either. The minions eventually despawn, but it wasn’t because of anything we did from what I could tell. Maybe Karoneth’enin means “suckah,” in elven, but if there was something we were doing wrong, I’d love to know!

Enjoy Double Experience Weekend!

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February 18, 2007

More Lyceum Fun

I’ve been working away at the quests in the Fallen Lyceum, and loving every minute of it. Friday night I got to be in one of those groups where you felt like you could kill pretty much everything you could find. We made a lot of headway on the tasks that the Lyceum students gave which will uncover knowledge on how to kill the three school headmasters, and ultimately, Ghaldrid himself.

Here’s some screenshots from the past two nights:

Above: Ginon, me, and Andaraiel take on a Treant in the Lyceum.

Above: Another shot of combat in the Lyceum. Johnathan, Andaraiel, me, Ginon and Faunis fighting a treant. Orkoh was there too but always seemed to dodge the camera!

Above: Orkoh (caught you!), me, Johnathan (foreground), part of Ginon, and Faunis, all poised for action in the druid school building. And yes, that is a tree growing indoors!

Above: I know it’s just mid-teens group yard trash, but for some reason after I took this shot I had the urge to photoshop “OWNED” in big red letters across the picture. It’s such a cool looking mob.

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February 15, 2007

My friend Ashby (Fallen Lyceum)

I continued to explore the Fallen Lyceum and the area surrounding it, in an effort to help uncover a way to disrupt the influx of Kaon sprites into Telon. I did a nice little solo quest that involves the phase stones just outside Arlinora’s Retreat, and I did my part to control the redcap brownie and kaon fairy population. When I was hunting there I couldn’t help but think of the little fairy village in Lesser Faydark, which also had mushrooms and cute little fairies, although much less threatening. I even enjoyed the background music in both spots – the peaceful melody that plays at the phase cap area makes killing brownies feel like buddhist meditation!

Above: One of my favorite shots of the bridge over Kaon’s Rush.

I also worked on another quest that required me to travel back to the entrance of the Lyceum, activate the phase stone in front, and enter the Kaon Portal that opens up. My ultimate mission was to uncover a way to end the madness of the Kaon Followers. I activated the phase stone and triggered the portal, but had trouble figuring out how to enter it. What worked for me was to double click the glowing portal, rather than right clicking it. Moving around might have helped a bit too, but if you are trying it, stick with it, it will work.

Above: The Kaon Portal outside the Lyceum.

As I ported up, I started to get a little worried that I had ported up without a few friends, and I wondered what train from hell would be greeting me when I arrived on the other side. Maybe it would be one of those huge elementals that guard the courtyard, or a huge treant that stalked the back of the buildings. Maybe it would be one of the Kaon followers themselves, poised with a deadly strike as I entered. As it turned out, it was none of the above, but was instead….

A cat!

Above: Ashby and Me.

A rather smartmouthed cat actually, and his name was Ashby. I had ported up to one of the smaller floating rocks, above the land and below the huge floating school building. Ashby initially gave me a choice of either helping him or not, but I didn’t really have a choice since he told me I was on my own to get off the rock if I didn’t choose to help. Nice, real nice, I’m being bossed around by a cat. It was very tempting to give him a quick flick of my boot and see if cats can really land on their feet, but I continued to hear him out, and the more I listened, the more I liked him!

He brought me back down to the Lyceum courtyard and told me a little background. Apparently there are three schools at the Lyceum – Necromancer, Sorceror, and Druid schools – and each was led by a very powerful headmaster. He sent me to visit three students within the Lyceum, each of whom had a task for me that would help me learn the way to defeat each headmaster. But the real mission was to find a way to destroy Ghaldrid, the most powerful caster and the one who oversaw everything at the Lyceum.

Since I needed friends to help me with the tasks given by the three students in the Lyceum, I went back to the phase stones and picked off a few more. But I can’t wait to continue this quest line, and while I won’t post it here, I did peek at the reward for killing Ghaldrid, and seeing it made me even more motivated to defeat this guy!

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